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Crafting the digital knowledge of tomorrow.

A digital culture as a solution to the challenges of digitization: The Digital Makers Hub is a platform that puts cooperation before competitive thinking. It connects companies, experts and developers (digital makers) to develop innovative solutions with creative ideas and unconventional approaches.

Matchmaking between digital makers and SMEs

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digital makers hub

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Digital Makers.

Digital Makers are creative minds that develop solutions for questions of digitalisation – from students to university lecturers, from individuals to organisations, from regional initiatives to start-ups.
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SME stands for “small and medium-sized enterprises”. They make up 99 % of the corporate landscape in Austria and offer two thirds of all jobs. When it comes to digitalisation, however, traditional businesses in particular still have a lot of potential for development. This is exactly where the cooperation between makers and SMEs comes in to promote innovation and further development. The Digital Makers Hub has committed to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the digital transformation.
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Our event formats.

Hub Sessions
People sitting together around a table and having a meeting
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Hub Sessions
Create awareness of new developments

Keynote speeches and discussion

1-3 h
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Idea Labs
Develop questions

Workshop, design thinking

½ - 1 day
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Conceive first approaches to questions

Development marathons

1 - 2 days
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Develop prototypical solutions

Intensive weeks based on the co-creation principle

1 - 2 weeks
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Initiate new collaboration models between company and maker scene

Matchmaking, coaching, co-creation

½ year

Who can become part of the Digital Makers Hub?

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Digital Makers.
Creative minds that work on matters of digitalisation and strive to develop innovative solutions for SMEs
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Companies that have concrete questions and wish to develop the first approaches to solutions as well as prototypes in a joint development process
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Regional initiatives, knowledge alliances, interest groups, co-working spaces, FabLabs, etc. that have committed themselves to innovation, digitalisation and/or regional development

Goals of the Digital Makers Hub.

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The Digital Makers Hub strengthens and connects Digital Makers, thus establishing a “digital culture” in Austria with a particularly broad basis.
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In every Austrian state, the Digital Makers Hub strives to gain at least one established Maker Space as a network partner in order to cover the entire country as best as possible.
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The Digital Makers Hub aims to close the technological gap that currently remains very pronounced in many Austrian SMEs. In particular, the Hub helps the businesses to overcome the perceived excessive demand when it comes to digitalisation, to identify innovative paths using different formats for co-ideation and co-creation, and to find the right partners for the implementation of projects.
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The Digital Makers Hub intensifies the interaction between an agile “new economy” and the grown, solid and, in many ways, inflexible structures of the “old economy”, thus contributing to an acceleration and dynamisation of the innovation system. In this context, the focus is on the cooperation between Digital Makers and SMEs.
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The Digital Makers Hub promotes smart regions and contributes to the strengthening of a regional identity and to a positive and sustainable overall regional development. The network partners exchange best practices, expertise and experiences, and intensify the knowledge transfer between different regional stakeholders. Digital technologies are used to position regional products and services in selected global markets.
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The Digital Makers Hub brings together change-makers from various regions along the north-south and east-west axes across Austria. In this context, the network partners in these regions are considered as hubs – and so are the means of public transport that ensure mobility between the different locations in particular. Innovative formats allow for various kinds of interaction with experts in daily commuting as well as on longer business trips.
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The Digital Makers Hub initiates, develops and establishes new collaborative formats using innovative methods of teaching, learning and innovation to guarantee the best possible integration of information, further education and innovation. It sets aside the traditional roles of teachers and students, researchers and users as far as possible, and supports persons and institutions in realising their individual potential.
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The Digital Makers Hub promotes interdisciplinarity and creativity through unconventional formats and activities. The network partners make the necessary experimental spaces available to the SMEs and enable them to continuously work with designers, artists and other stakeholders in the creative industry.

The team.

Portrait des Projektleiters des Digital Makers Hub Hannes Raffaseder
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Hannes Raffaseder
Project manager DMH &
Chief Research and Innovation Officer @ FHSTP
Portrait Rosemarie Pichler, Mitglied des Advisory Boards des Digital Makers Hub
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Rosemarie Pichler
 Member of Advisory Board DMH & Managing Director
Zukunftsakademie Mostviertel

Photo credit:
© Future Academy Mostviertel
Portrait Sandra Stromberger, Mitglied des Advisory Boards des Digital Makers Hub
Kringel Designelement
Sandra Stromberger
Member of Advisory Board DMH &
Managing Director In2Makers Industry meets Makers GmbH

Photo credit:
© Sandra Stromberger
Portrait Chris Müller, Mitglied des Advisory Boards des Digital Makers Hub
Kringel Designelement
Chris Müller
Member of Advisory Board DMH &
Director for Development, Design and Artistic Agendas @ Tabakfabrik Linz

Photo credit: © Fritz Beck
Portrait der Projektkoordinatorin des Digital Makers Hub Gabriele Permoser
Kringel Designelement
Gabriele Permoser
Project coordinator DMH &
Head of Service Unit
Research and Knowledge Transfer @ FHSTP
Portrait der Projektkoordinatorin des Digital Makers Hub Petra Fischer
Kringel Designelement
Petra Fischer
Project coordinator DMH &
Research and knowledge transfer @ FHSTP
Portrait Christoph Weiermair, Projektmitarbeiter des Digital Makers Hub
Kringel Designelement
Christoph Weiermair
Project employee DMH &
Head of Marketing and Community Management @ Tabakfabrik Linz

Photo credit: © Gerhard Gruber
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Join the Hub

Become part of the digital makers!

Our consortium.

The St. Pölten UAS is an established competence centre for digitalisation in Lower Austria and one of the most important locations when it comes to further education and training, application-oriented research and knowledge transfer for the digital transformation in Austria.
“Industry Meets Makers” is an open-innovation community-building format with the purpose of initiating new collaboration models between top industrial companies and the scene of young creative makers which allows both sides to benefit from the resulting innovation and business potential.
As a regional hub, ZukunftsakademieMostviertel increases the economic and social value of education, promotes the application of research and technology, and accompanies the process of change through digital transformation.

The cross-sector network currently represents 125 members with 18,000 employees and focuses on the areas of Further Education & Training | Promotion of Talent | Research & Projects | Innovation Hubs.
Tabakfabrik Linz is a hub of the creative industry and has become an urban centre for cultural and creative industries. Today it is an internationally renowned best practice example of the transformation of a traditional industry into a hotspot of creative industries, digitalisation and start-ups.
Charcoal drawing from the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Our network partners.

Any questions?

The Digital Makers Hub sees itself as a growing network.
Do not hesitate and get in touch with us.

You can also find out how you can participate in our network at: Who can become part of the Digital Makers Hub?
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